Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shop Update!

I've been busily sewing some new dresses for Blythe! I hope to update the shop Thursday or Friday. I have some really cute fabrics from my stash that I've finally decided to use. I have a problem cutting some fabrics, just can't do it. I see them and think "Cute Blythe dress!" and buy the fabric. Then I can't cut it...But my stash has reached problem status and so some fabrics are finally becoming Blythe dresses! I'm making another of these cake dresses (Penelope will not give this one up!); there's one with puppies and one with cupcakes...the fabrics are cute and colorful. Little bits of fun in candy colors...coming soon!

As always, I'm happy to take commissions. Just send me a message here or through Etsy.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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