Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pink and Peaceful

A new dress for the shop! This one is modeled my newest Blythe - Birdie; a Punkaholic People! I love her! Her haircut is adorable and her coloring is very pretty. I needed a dark-haired girl for my bunch and she is perfect!

I know it's been awhile since my last update - much has happened! BlytheCon was a wonderful experience. I met many sweet dolly people and some famous dollies! I've got lots of pictures in my Flickr. Halloween is also in the past; my dolls had fun getting some new Halloween outfits and doing a photo shoot for Flickr. My Emerald Witches came out of hiding for the event; and my small collection of Wonder Frogs showed off their costumes. I'm considering sewing for some of these dolls for my shop; leave me a message if there is one you would like to see clothing made for in particular.

I have a new love, too! My Pukifee Ante is adorable and so much fun to make clothing for. I just ordered a Ruki from Latidoll. Hopefully, she will arrive soon and I'll be sewing for her as well.

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