Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Three Little Dresses

New today in my shop: a cute trio of mod dresses. This A-line dress is my current favorite dress to make and so cute on Blythe! I love these prints!! The psychedelic fabric has been very popular and is almost gone. I love the yellow and black floral and none of the dresses look alike because the pattern is so big. The third print is a new's got fun circles that sort of look like planets to me, and gold metallic highlights. Pretty!

Tomorrow I hope to spend some time sewing some new dresses for my girls to wear...they don't have many dresses of their own to keep. I'll be experimenting with some new styles that will hopefully be in the shop soon. I also want to make some clothes for my new Momoko and my Nikki and Odeco...they are all anxious to make their debut, but they've got no clothes! Better get busy, I guess.

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