Friday, March 13, 2009

Tangerine Dream

My design for the Blythe Handmade Collective Easter Parade Challenge is finally complete! I listed this today in my shop, Little Whimsies, and also posted photos on Flickr. I'm really quite pleased with how it has turned out. I will make this design in the orange fabric as shown and also in yellow. I need to finish up the yellow one and get it listed. These will be limited since they take quite a bit of time to make. I also have a very limited supply of the yellow striped fabric and I can't find anymore. I've called every Hancock Fabrics within 100 miles and none is to be had. I've got more belt buckles ordered and on the way from Thailand.

This little outfit was inspired by a memory of an Easter outfit I wore a very long time ago. It was green, but it had the matching dress and hat with a pom pom and it just popped into my head while I was thinking about what to make for this challenge. If you look closely, you'll notice my side glance...just like Blythe!

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