Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So Pink!

Penelope's hair is the loveliest shade of pink. After a number of hair treatments, we've finally decided to let her keep it, for now. There are some very cute DaBi's out there with adorable bobs. And it's very tempting to cut it off. But Blythe hair does not grow back and since the long, curly, pink hair was the reason for buying a DaBi, I decided to put the effort into taming the frizz.

Penelope is modeling a new dress for my shop. I'm loving the pink and black shoe fabric! How fun is that?! You can see it in my shop here. I'll be putting more in the shop soon. I'm working on some Christmas dresses and I just bought a number of really cute fabrics that I want to get made up and into the shop. I really need more hours in the day...

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